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While PCR has worked in a variety of industries over the years we specialize in healthcare. Hospitals are a unique segment of the American economy that continues to grow and change, especially with the upcoming changes in insurance coverage and Federal programs. In order to stay profitable and competitive while delivering great services, hospitals now, more than ever, need to have accurate and efficient purchasing and payable departments.

The cost recovery industry has typically ignored the unique challenges that are presented in healthcare and try to make their models from other segments work. At PCR we understands that are made on healthcare providers. Our expertise comes from working with hospitals across the country for over 10 years.

While reviewing the vendor-to-payables process every few years has become a recognized business practice, not every hospital is taking advantage of the services a professional like PCR can provide. We specialize in this type of auditing and have developed the most effective and least disruptive way of validating your internal processes and external relationships. We’re happy to provide references from satisfied clients in healthcare if you’d like to learn more.


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